Wanted: Live from West Asia

ACTIVATAR presents, Wanted: Live from West Asia being presented as part of NEoN Festival in Dundee Scotland. Digital and media art has, from its inception, had close ties to political and social activism. NEoN Digital Arts Festival’s theme this year, ‘REACT’, will bring together emerging and established digital artists, activists and community groups.

Curated by Patrik Lichty

In 2019, the Kazakh pavilion of the Venice Bienalle was canceled, allegedly to budget cuts, with its curators being informed over Facebook. In response, Artmeken gallery and Ariapp created the Wanted in Venice, project or what the Kazakh pavilion could have been.  Originally, this version of Activatar was intended as a response to Venice, but the project expanded into a broader idea: the presentation of exceptional Central/Eurasian media from exceptional artists that I have experienced while living in Asia. Although some of these countries had pavilions in the Venice, this Pavilion for the NEoN Art Festival Dundee and the Wrong Biennial represent a reaching across from areas not as familiar for their media arts in West Europe and the Americas through the Activatar app.  In this version, we present Anvar Musrepov (KZ, AR), Mohsen HZ (IR, 360-degree video), and Shalala Salamzadeh (AZ, glitch video), as we reach across media borders to build new bridges where old ones were not.

NEoN Festival: https://northeastofnorth.com/